• Pop Holders- The Sassiest Accessory In Trend..?

    You might have heard about these from your friends or acquaintances. After all it is the newest trend.

    They are fun accessories that can be attached behind the phones or their cases to hold onto them. They can be Round or Ring shaped so you can hold onto them with ease.

  • How To Clean and Care For Your Mobile

    We all have to think before burying a hole in our pockets for buying a good smartphone.. Smartphones are smart for a reason – we can use them while traveling, take photos, share on social media and what not.
    But what a smartphone can’t do for itself is its caring. We have to come in for that.
  • How To Make Your Mobile Battery Last Long

    Do you ever wonder what would our lives would be without mobile phones? No Right?

    As smartphones usage has increased as we play games on it, watch movies, listen to songs and the list is endless.

    Hence, battery backup of phone is a key deciding factor of purchasing.

    Here are some of the easy tips to increase the battery backup of your smartphones.