How To Make Your Mobile Battery Last Long

Do you ever wonder what would our lives would be without mobile phones? No Right? Both in Asia and Foreign countries more than two third of people have smartphones.
Here are the methods by which we can make our mobile batteries live long:

1) Charge your Mobile more often:

Yes, you heard it right. We should charge our mobiles more frequently. It’s a myth that we should only charge our mobiles when they drop down to zero percent. When we charge at a null their discharge cycle tends to be between 400 to 700 times. (Discharge cycle-the cycle that tells us about the probability of our mobile batteries discharging themselves). When we charge our mobiles often this cycle increases from 700 to 1200.

2) Overcharging doesn’t harm your battery:

There is an inbuilt controller inside our batteries that doesn’t allow the flow of current after being fully charged. So if you forget your phone on charging overnight don’t sweat it.

3) Don’t buy Cheap/Duplicate Chargers:

Buying cheap chargers or ones that aren’t actually compatible with your mobiles power intake will destroy the life of your battery, it might even swell the battery and in worst cases they can also do a Boom Boom.

4) Remove Cases while charging:

Modern lithium ion batteries tend to heat up due to constant work load during charging. We should keep the mobile cases aside while charging .Try not to use high power in taking apps such as playing games, etc.

5) Don’t use Mobiles in Extreme Temperatures:

Direct sunlight and heat sources are bad for the mobile as it kills the life of the LED’s behind the screen. It heats up the battery and discharges it. As for the cold we should keep the phones within the touch of our body so that the battery doesn’t cool down. Because the battery needs some warmth for its own to work.

6) Use of Amoled Wallpapers:

Many of us keep our brightness to full or use shining bright wallpapers, this actually does cost us our battery and also heats up the phone. Keep the brightness to mid or low and use dark wallpapers to prevent it.

7) Cleaning Ports & Sockets:

Over time we use our mobiles in dust and such places that have dirt around us. Dirt and small soot particles eventually get clogged up in the open sockets and the earphone jack. If you have a wide speaker opening you must have experienced this. The dust goes further in when we insert our 3.5mm jack inside and cause connection problems. To clean it we can use toothpicks and lint free cloth attached to its tip.