How To Clean and Care For Your Mobile

We all have to think before burying a hole in our pockets for buying a good smartphone..

Smartphones are smart for a reason – we can use them while traveling, take photos, share on social media and what not.
But what a smartphone can’t do for itself is its caring. We have to come in for that.

Here is a list of items that help:

1) Use a Protective Case:

Even if a person is rich enough to buy new phones every now and then they have a fear of dropping it. Smartphones these days aren’t cheap so it’s understandable. You can use a variety of cases for your devices protection. There are PrintNawab cases, silicone ones. Loads of varieties to choose from just in case your phone  falls to often.

2) Use a Screen Guard:

Dropping our phones isn’t the actual thing we are scared of, the real reason we are scared of is the Shattering of its screen. There’s a huge market for varieties of Gorilla/protective screen guards that we can apply to our devices.

3) Keep your Phone Clean:

Just like cleaning the device from the inside when apps and other items fill our storage's, we should clean our mobiles from the outside too.

4) Use a Lint Free Cloth:

Using any cloth to wipe your screens just damages it and gives it minute scratches. Use a lint free cloth available with your Smartphone sets to clean the screen.

5) Don’t use Window spray on your Screen:

You might wonder about the difference that’s between the window and the Mobile screens glass. Well Kiddo Window cleaning sprays have Ammonia mixed in them which turns the glass Hazy. You wouldn’t want hazy mobile screens would you?

6) Cleaning Ports & Sockets:

Over time we use our mobiles in dust and such places that have dirt around us. Dirt and small soot particles eventually get clogged up in the open sockets and the earphone jack. If you have a wide speaker opening you must have experienced this. The dust goes further in when we insert our 3.5mm jack inside and cause connection problems. To clean it we can use toothpicks and lint free cloth attached to its tip.